Looking to hire a Typist?

When it comes to finding someone else to do your typing for you, there are many people who claim to be able to deliver this service. If you do a search under Google, so many of these websites come up and it is hard to sift through all the information to find the service that is suitable for your needs. Unfortunately, this area of work is open to manipulation, just because someone can type does not mean that they can offer this as service.

Here is why you should not just hire anyone to do your typing for you if you are inclined to outsource your work. If you base your decision on just affordability, then you are being short sighted. Of course, this should be taken into account but not the deciding factor. My advice is that it pays to find out about the credentials of the person or company offering this service. Although, people involved in this type of work should not need to be a university graduate, some level of strong academic performance is needed. The more learned and experienced the person is, the more effective they will be at producing quality typing work because they would be able to handle difficult subject matter with relative ease. If you decide to go with a company, you should bear in mind whether they are able to offer you a one to one assistance. You should query how many typists they have and what their experience are before commissioning them to work for you. You cannot let standards slip or be swayed by glossy websites.

Ideally, the person or company you are hiring should be able to proof read and edit your work for spelling and grammatical error at the very least at no further cost. Then take into account other factors such as their ability to suggest ideas and give assistance as to how you have structured your work and the end result. The more they are able to do for you, the better because presenting someone’s work verbatim is good but if it is fraught with mistakes, then it is no good for anyone!



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