How it works

How it works

For Web Design 

To give you an idea of what to expect if you hire my services, firstly, get in touch using the contact form and once your request is picked up, we can discuss the work that you want done. Secondly, based on those discussions, I will give you a quote of how much it is going to cost.

Website Content Writing 

Same as above. 

Typing and other services

For straight typing, I charge a flat rate fee of £8 per hour. Other transcription services charge per minute or according to how many words, however, I want to keep things fair and transparent so my clients know how much a project is going to cost from the outset.

There will be an increase in fees to £12 per hour if the work I am doing requires a lot of restructuring of words involving use of my personal skills. This will be negotiated on a case by case basis if the need arises.


Once, we have agreed on everything, I will send you confirmation of your instructions in an email and an Agreement including a schedule of works for you to sign. As soon as you have forwarded the signed paper to me, we can then begin to start work on your project!

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