Couple of my Projects

My first project was working on the (hope4India.co.uk) website run by a charitable organisation, Garston Community Church. I was excited to work on this because it was out of my comfort zone. I created a sympathetic website, sharing information in a way that would encourage people to relate to it and be able to donate to a very good cause. I also designed the logo for this website, uniquely created for the look and feel of this website.

Visit the Hope4India website –https://hope4india.co.uk/

Next, I designed a website for my husband’s catering business (sweetblessing.co.uk). It is eye-catching and sleek for his food business. I have managed this with a combination of cool images and using the right colour palette for it. It is modern, contemporary and engaging for customers and anyone who is excited about food. This project is still under construction and soon to be completed, but have a look at what I have done so far!

Visit Sweet Blessings Catering website – https://sweetblessings.co.uk/

Sweet Blessings

Future Projects

I am currently working on projects but still at the ideas stage and collaborating. So far, I have listened to client’s briefing on the type of website they would like and working on it to ensure their expectation is met. I hope to continue in the same vein for upcoming projects because I like to challenge myself!

First Level Solutions