10 Essential Web Design Tips to a Higher Google Ranking.

Top rated Google Ranking

After months and months of working hard to achieve a better Google ranking, I have finally achieved my goal of ranking from zero to 5th place in my local area (Watford); that is organically and this is no mean feat.

The market is so saturated with claims from companies that say they can help improve their customers Google ranking and some of them are charging a lot of money for this. We are talking a lot of money from £550 and upwards and on average about a £100 each month. For a small business that is a lot of money to pay, just to get found on Google. Some people might not be very happy with me sharing this information because they are making a lot of money and I am about to debunk some of the beliefs held by some customers.

How does Google rank websites?

The first thing you need to know is that no one actually knows how Google ranks websites. This information is kept secret by Google and it is constantly changing to take account of consumer trends, so when you think you have cracked it, in the next breath you might be dealing with something else. Now, I am not saying that it is not useful to glean information about how Google does this but bear in mind that it won’t be the full picture. Therefore, be warned by wild claims by web designing companies that say they can guarantee you the top spot on Google. Of course, competition is fierce and some cut straight to the chase to pay to ensure that they have the top spot; that is not what I am talking about here. I tried Google Ads and it was not cheap, at £6 per click, costing £40 in just two days, I quickly had to abandon that to look for an inexpensive avenue to achieve my Google ranking.

I will show you how to achieve a higher Google ranking without paying any money.

How I did it – ‘First Level Solutions’

Quality user experience: using my website as an example, I decided that I wanted to build a website that was pleasing to my clients. I focused on using good quality pictures that people would like. In a nutshell, I designed it with the end user in mind, not what Google says you should do to rank higher. You cannot afford to compromise on this. You have to be true to yourself and build it for you.

Good content: Google loves content because in my experience, as soon as I started blogging, Google decided to raise my ranking. I wasn’t keen on blogging at first, because I didn’t want to spend the time writing lengthy blogs that no one was going to read. So I held off on this for a while. However, I got an idea to write a blog that I thought might interest my customers, so I started blogging and after only two articles my ranking has shot up! My advice is get blogging! The Google web crawlers go out to crawl your site and index it. Apparently, Google agrees that I have good content and those that are visiting my website are going to find good content and learn something from it.

Typography: This is actually very important, the font that you use, it’s size matters a lot to Google and because I am registered with Google, they sent me an email to tell me to ensure that my font size was big enough for customers who were visiting the site. So pay close attention to this. If you are using WordPress ensure that you have deselected the default setting to ensure perfect readability.

Optimised images: Make sure that all your pictures are optimised because when images are too large, it does not give an overall good user experience. For example, it slows down the site, so it is slower to load, and customers might simply ‘walk’. Unfortunately, it is the instantaneous world we live in; anything less than 4 seconds is not good enough.

Good SEO:  I am sure you have heard about ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ this is where companies make their money. It simply means writing your content in such a way that it takes account of key words and phrases and also ensuring a good Meta description so this shows up on Google, when people search for it. Personally, what I have seen are people over-egging the pudding and making claims that without this, your website will not be found by the millions who are visiting Google. Whilst, this is important it’s not everything. What I did was simply download Yoast plugin, the free version and this allows you to choose keywords and phrases. It is nothing too difficult even if you have very limited skills and now my website is fully optimised. I was tempted to go premium, which costs about £90 per year with support, which is actually reasonable. However, I am glad I stuck with the free version!

Register with Google: if you own your website, there is no reason why you should not register with Google. It is free to register with them and it is a good way of submitting your website details to Google. There are free examples on the internet as to how to do this. Once, you have registered, get your customers to give you reviews and this goes a long way.

Social Media: be consistent with your information or brand message across all platforms and Google will start to see you as a credible website and a trusted source. Anytime, you write something and put a link to another website known by Google, this pays off in higher Google ranking because it improves your credibility as a legitimate site. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall down here because they don’t know that it matters to Google. Google is massive as a search engine and you cannot afford to ignore it.

Regular updates: a sign of a good website is one that is regularly updated and maintained.

Search for your own website: I regularly did this, to ensure that my website was running and I could find it by searching for it in Google. But I did this every day and this helps Google to also crawl your site.

Be patient: it took me 11 months to get here! At first it seemed that Google was not paying attention to anything I was doing to improve my ranking but it was a sweet moment when it came. I was surfing the internet for recent news on web designers and as I scrolled downwards, I saw my website! I was elated because it was so unexpected. I have since checked every day and my ranking is still 5th in my local area, which is amazing.

Written by: Faith Hindhaugh

Email: faith@firstlevelsolutions.com

Web: https://firstlevelsolutions.com