Why Colour Scheme for your website equals ‘Brand Identity’

Coral Reef – Be Inspired

This is one of the major aspects of a web designer’s job, deciding, which colour palettes to use for a website because it plays a significant role in the message that clients wants to express to their customers via their website.

It is important because the colours must work with the logo and the overall message and impression that clients are trying to convey to their customers.  It must be aesthetically pleasing as people visit the website and they must be able to pick up a vibe and leave a distinct impression of how the colours have been furnished. 

Emotional connection

The use of the right combination of colours cannot be overstated because colours can invoke powerful emotions in people. It can draw people, if they have a connection with the colour particularly if it is associated with happy memories. Some people associate colours with happiness, success, strength and vitality and these hidden messages and nuances, should form the bedrock of the web designing process. If you want to learn more about the psychology of colours and it’s significance to brand identity, this article, by CSI Media is a good one to read: https://www.csimedia.net/blog/brand-identity-the-psychology-of-colour/

Source of inspiration

Natural inspiration

As a designer, I draw from all aspects of life for inspiration, and one of my sources of inspiration, when it comes to how to use colour, is looking at the corals in the Great Barrier Reef. It is such natural source of inspiration, as to how colour blend together and I try and imitate this in some of work.

Written by: Faith Hindhaugh

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