My Best Curated Colour Blend Websites for Inspiration.

Curated Content

Sometimes, you do not need to reinvent the wheels when you are looking for inspiration on how to blend colours. As a web designer, I am always on the lookout for good ideas regarding how to use colour. A few weeks ago, I shared a blog post, on the coral reef being a source of inspiration. Today, I am sharing with you, four of my best ‘go to’ websites for colour combination, with a helpful tool at the end, to help you to store these bright ideas for when you need them.

If you are about to meet your web designer for the first time for brainstorming ideas on how you want your website to look and which colours to go for, you will want to know about this.

Brand Colours

This is a simple but effective website that allows you to see all of our famous brands out there and how they have used colours successfully to set themselves apart in the mind of consumers.  The thing with colour, is that you only need a few to work well together, or just the one colour that stands out. It is the brand message and how well it has been marketed to become a household colour icon that makes a difference. Have a look at their website and draw inspiration for your own web design ideas;

Happy Hues

I love ‘Happy Hues’ as the name suggest, Hues simply means, a colour, a shade or tinge, but here is so much inspiration. If you are new to design, this does not need to fill you with fear.  It shows you how to blend the colours and if you are technical, you can copy some of these colours into your project!


This is just fantastic! I love it. I use Adobe Illustrator for most of my design work and I was excited when I found out that I could copy colours I like straight into my Colour Swatches, which meant I had new colours to explore. Simply by looking at these colours, it can be begin to stimulate you and help you to choose, which colours you naturally gravitate towards;


You guessed it, this is another website, I use, it is so simple to use, go and check it out!


I came across this app about a month ago and it has made my life so easy. Think of it as an online calendar, where you can schedule things in but it is more than that. If you are on the go, you can quickly save stuff you have found on the internet. If you create content of any sort, you can simply plan and save your next post weeks ahead. It is a cool app to use free of charge.

In conclusion, you can go and curate your own colour palettes, save it on Milanote and use it when you are ready;

Written by: Faith Hindhaugh