My Creative Thought Process to Creating own Website

  • Everyone, has a different approach, some people use a Mood Board to develop an idea, which are various snapshot of photographs that inspire them on how they envision the design that they want. For designers, this is where a profile on Behance can really work for you in terms of creating a mood board straight from the platform.
  • For me, it is finding that great image that encapsulates what I want to create.
  • You may have noticed that I like to inject colour into my projects and coming up with the design for my website was no different.
  • The theme is unleashing ‘burst of creativity’.
  • The colours means that, nearly any colour I chose subsequently, would work well with the design and balance it.
  • I personally believe that, colours form the bedrock of the web designing process and the end result of my website, is how these two go hand in hand. And I love the outcome because it showcases my creative skills.
  • I had this idea in my head, that I needed something with a lot of screens, which would connect people to the idea that I design websites for a living without having to read anything.  And I think on first impression, my website represents that.
  • I used slider images, because although my landing page is static, the movement gives it life and fluidity.
  • The same idea underpins the rest of the design on the landing page, with ‘Fading in’ where things slide from the left or right as you scroll down. It is not just for effect, it turns the motionless into something fun and bring a sense of mystery that draws people in.

Written by: Faith Hindhaugh