My Design Process (How I Work).

Creative Juices

In this post, I give a sneak peek into my creative thought process from the start of a project to finish and my unique way of coming up with a design that my clients will love.

I believe the best place to start is with my latest project, I am still working on this but excited to share with you what I have done so far. To begin with, I have a good conversation with my prospective client to establish their goals and aspirations for their website and go through the details of what they would like for their site. At this stage, I would ask them to send examples of websites they like so I can get an idea of client’s vision.

My next step is to do a little bit of research into the industry and read as much as possible, so that when it comes to content, I can advise on how to structure the same and give helpful tips to my clients.

Then I get to go away and come up with a first design and come back to client for feedback.

A Single Picture

Some people may start off with a Mood Board, which is various photographs put together for inspiration. I do things a little bit different (that not to say I won’t use a mood board in future) because I start with a single picture and build on it. So for this design, I wanted something with a bold look, which inspire confidence and the first picture, I went for is that of this black woman with white hair.


Next, was which colour palette, I was going to use. I played around with colours; the grey background, was the driving force, and pink works well with grey. It gives that standout quality that I was looking for.

The ‘About’ is the personality page

As this is a photography website, I wanted a chilled and relaxed look, and the ‘About Me’ page is where a photographer can really bring their personality out. So I used Elementor template for this bit of the project, I imported it into WordPress and edited it. Again, I injected more colour into this page.

As I worked on this template, a couple of sections had things that I thought I could add and these were ‘love and smile’. This actually is the aim of my client, to take pictures that make people smile, which they would cherish for years to come. And so I incorporated this message ‘smile’, this is the theme of the website or the vibe I want people to pick up.

The way I approach my work, is that nothing is set in stone, I just need to find the right image, that captures the story, I want to tell and build everything around this to come up with a unique design.

And in between, I make sure I go back to my clients for feedback. There are three stages of collaboration, which is included in our agreement, to ensure that clients have an input and they are happy with the progress of their website. Ultimately, my aim is to come up with a design that my clients actually love and so I work on the website until they are fully happy and satisfied with the outcome.

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Written by: Faith Hindhaugh